Simone Forti, "Hangers" (1961) Performance - The Historical Box, curated by Mara McCarthy

Alongside six fellow students from Wimbledon College of Art, I took part in a performance of Simone Forti's seminal 1970's "Hangers" performance piece at Hauser & Wirth's Historical Box exhibition opening, curated by Mara McCarthy. For the piece we participated in a day long workshop, to further understand the strength of our own bodies and the physical presence we hold in a space. It was my first public performance piece, having only videotaped art performances before. There was a certain thrill to performing in front of an audience, despite making no eye-contact or acknowledging their watching us. The silent solidarity of my co-hangers made me feel secure as we worked seamlessly to arrive, perform, then leave. 


I Was Confused About the Dancefloor Code


I Was Confused About the Dancefloor Code, 2009, Charlotte Prodger

Tom Dale

Conductor, 2002

Conspiracy Theory, 2001

Into Your Arms, 1998

Knievel Exorcism, 2008

Remote Control, 2008

The Cow Palace, 2008

Western Negative, 2007

Divining Rods, 2012


The World Is Yours (But Also Ours)

Taken from O Zhang's series The World Is Yours (But Also Ours), 2008



Gok Wan: Made In China

Gok Wan: Made In China
Wednesday 7th March 2012
Channel 4, 8pm

Gok travels to China in search of himself, and clothes (naturally). Exposing the ugly truths behind the world’s fastest growing economy must be particularly difficult, and although he doesn’t necessarily get to the core of these issues, he portrays a very British, light-hearted take on modern China; delivering an insightful perspective into the fashion industry and putting it all into context for us Brits.

One aspect of the programme that really intrigued me was a shopping trip Gok took on behalf of his dead ancestors. In China, a ritual takes place whereby paper imitations of luxury goods are burned as offerings to dead relatives in order to to help them in the afterlife. Gok travels to a specialist shop which deals only in paper products and goes on to purchase a variety of objects, ranging from couture paper clothes to karaoke machines, air conditioning units, mobile phones, iPads -  you name it. I find this idea completely baffling considering none of these objects actually existed at the time of his family members deaths. 

This whole ideal just adds another level to the consumer culture in which we are absorbed. These imitations of mass produced objects serve no particular function, existing only to be burned; an idea which rings true with our obsessive consumption of material and the continual struggle as we try to live beyond our means.


Werner Reiterer

The Mask of Pinocchio, 2006

Bang The Bomb!, 2008

The Adolf Hitler Monument, 2008


Allan McCollum

Perfect Vehicles, 1985-87

Perfect Vehicles, 1985-87

The Natural Copies from the Coal Mines of Central Utah, 1993
Visible Markers, 1997-2002

Jim Isermann

Untitled (0101), 2001

Piccadilly Line Tube Wrap, 2007

Futura, Installation at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1987

Jennifer Bolande

Milk Crown, 1987-88

and the, 1987

Pinnacle, 1989

Glove, 1995

Earthquake, 2004

Steering Wheel, 1995

Litany, 1993

Untitled Tower, 1999
Shadow Box, 1990 (Detail)