As sure as eggs is eggs

Indulging in a certain entertaining "eye-opening reality series"(as channel 4 describes Made In Chelsea, a scripted reality TV show - also known as general TV trash) we see a few of the characters attending an Egg Therapy session. Now, I'm not quite sure what Egg Therapy entails, but since I've been using the general motif of an egg for a while now as part of my practice, I thought it'd be interesting to investigate.

Egg Therapy is a shamanic ritual (or so the internet leads me to believe) in which the egg is used to cleanse a person's aura. The egg is massaged over the person's body, and then cracked into water before being evaluated. How the yolk and egg white is suspended in the water allows the Shaman to help the person become aware of all their problems in their life.

Philosophically, the egg has been regarded as a container of thought and matter, so perhaps the egg is used to absorb all negative thoughts and return your aura to it's original state? I suppose this process becomes a sort of re-birth, or regeneration of your mental state.

Who knows really though? I'd rather have an omelette.



What I would most probably look like if I was a boy.