Ed Emschwiller is a visual artist mostly acknowledged for his sci-fi  magazine covers and 
experimental films. Throughout the 1980's he pioneered video art, and toyed with the manipulation of time and the interplay of illusion and reality.
Sunstone is a 3 minute metamorphosis of a face and a cube, the subtlety of color and shape is quite poetic as the face and the eyes gradually transform into new shapes through fluid movement. Emschwiller succeeds in developing an electronic language in order to articulate three dimensional space.

The odd sound effects in this video, which accompany each moment of transition, are
particularly unsettling and I couldn't quite put my finger on why...it reminded me the opening
sequence to the animated version of Watership Down which always scared the death out of me
as a child, a certain eerie quality which fixated and repulsed me at the same time.