Plunge London

Plunge is a public artwork by Michael Pinsky which aims to bring to light our consumption of resources. Plunge consists of a blue neon tube wrapped around three of London's iconic monuments, seen here at Waterloo Place, the second at Seven Dials (Covent Garden) and the third at Paternoster Square (St. Paul's).
The neon tubes are all placed at the same height on each monument, and signify where (the artist predicts) water levels will be in 2000 years.

They're less noticeable during the day, but as night falls, they emit a strangely alluring soft light. The typical English weather really works in favour of these artworks, especially during nightfall when the light becomes more evident. Personally, the Plunge location at Waterloo Place is the most successful: the scale of the monument really overwhelms you, especially if you approach the structure from The Mall, walking up the steps that lead to it -  the use of scale really puts Pinksy's ideas into a more physical context.

Plunge at Seven Dials, Covent Garden