Fiona MacDonald - Works from the Mirrored Series

Fiona MacDonald Works from the mirrored series 2009-2011
10 Gresham Street, London, EC2N 2BQ
22 September 2011 - 22 January 2012

Europa, 2010
Milky Way, 2010
Faun at Sunset, 2010
Mount of Leda, 2010 
Fiona MacDonald examines the process of translation from object to image, and vice versa, through the act of making. Her paintings underpin the ideas she brings to life through the physicality of her sculptures. This, I think, is due to her choice of materials which allow her to be decorative in both chosen mediums. The silicone rubber sculptures are drenched in paint, the colours bleeding into each other, adding depth to the work’s presence and materiality, while painting allows her to be much more delicate.

There is some figurative about her pieces of work. The forms are familiar, and there is dream-like quality to them, but the faceless forms do not always allow you to understand the composition or distinguish one “person” from another. They remind me of cloud formations, you come to your own assumption about each shape and what it could represent, I think it simply depends on your ability to imagine.