Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011: In the Presence

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011: In the Presence
Institute of Contemporary Art
23rd November 2011 - 15th January 2012


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011: In the Presence is an array of new work from 40 recent graduates of UK art school.

The annual exhibition is always one I look forward to. There is always such a diverse range of experimental artwork, and I think, in terms of contemporary art, to be fresh and bold is particularly important. The selection process must be very difficult as the calibre of artwork is always so high.
Here is a (long) list of my favourite works from the show:

Ian Marshall, Berkeley Blooms, 2011

Savinder Bual, Train, 2009

Noel Hensey, Death Is Here, 2009 

Hyun Woo Lee, 17 Times of I Hate This Job, 2011

Kim Kielhofner, Getting Marnie Out of the House, 2010

Sui Kim, Tropical Dream 1, 2011

                                                Samuel Williams, We are the Robots, 2010

There wasn’t one piece of work I could single out as my favourite. Strong video works were abundant, and Hyun Woo Lee’s 48 second looped video of 17 times of I hate this job (2011) stood out especially. Capturing society's  loathing towards repetitive life in general, Lee’s video consists of a water sprinkler system, spraying water out in circles at the same pace. At each turn of the piston, the words “I hate this job” flash one at a time in sync with the movement of the jet. The sprinkler is personified and we begin to empathise with the machine.

For once I really engaged with a lot of the selected paintings. Sui Kim’s Tropical Dream 1 really caught my attention, and I can’t really put my finger on why. Perhaps it was the haphazard way the paint was applied to the canvas, or perhaps it was the simplicity of the image. Either way, there were not any underlying messages or meanings, it wasn’t overtly contextual and didn’t pretend to be anything other than what you see.

The show in general was brilliant and I could probably go on to talk about each piece I enjoyed but we’ll be here until Christmas. Check the Website here for more information on all the artists exhibiting.