Ryan Gander - Locked Room Scenario

Ryan Gander - Locked Room Scenario for Artangel.
Londonnewcastle Depot


This was perhaps one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had.  Arriving at Londonnewcastle Depot at 12pm sharp I waited for some sort of signal as to where I was meant to be. Eventually a man ticked my name off a register and pointed towards a door I could only assume to be the entrance.

Dark and a little unnerving, I found myself walking tentatively through dim passages and empty rooms. Velvet ropes half cordoned off areas, simultaneously enticing me into the unknown and partially blocking my way. Unsure what to do, I found myself befriending a stranger and together we best guessed at the situation.

Pushing on locked doors into a closed gallery where silhouettes were moving around behind, into an exhibition comprised of artists who don't exist apart from in Gander's head. What was actually going on? No signs, no clues, you are left to your own devices. Unsettling to say the least, but once I relaxed I began to feel like a naughty school kid, free to roam and explore.

You’re left with the process of elimination, going into spaces only if you can, and not always because you want to.  Dark corridors leading to where? Empty rooms with litter strewn about, even the rubbish looks arranged. Not only do you begin to question everything around you, you begin to examine everything as artwork. Gander had completely manipulated my thinking before I even knew it, which is the beauty of his work and left me looking over my shoulder for the rest of the day.