Pipilotti Rist - Eyeball Massage

Eyeball Massage
Hayward Gallery

View From Loo - Toilet Cubicle Installation.

Pipilotti Rist not only experiments in video, she creates environments which influence the way her works are experienced. It is a total sensory experience, videos projected onto multiple walls, the colour bleeding into each other on semi-transparent curtains while we, the audience, lounge around on giant pillows on the floor, enveloped in this whole dream-like scenario. We become part of the work, moving around within it.

She discovers new ways of configuring the world, her work creating a physical presence, defining the relationship between the art and the audience. She entices you in – a tiny monitor facing up from the hole in the floor, screens embedded within shells and handbags. You are drawn into her world, her way of thinking – she employs banal objects as devices to enter her imagination, full of visual wonders.