Late View at the V&A - The Power of Making

The Power of Making

The Power of Making at the V & A shows exactly what’s right with Contemporary Craft.  No doubt the world will function at the hands of robots in year to come, but it is rather interesting to see the things we are capable of today (both with and without the aid of computers). This exhibition highlights the spectacular craft making skills of both professionals and amateurs alike.

When the word “craft” is mentioned, home-made cards, baskets of potpourri and creepy knitted dolls spring to mind. It seems peculiar the Lady Gaga’s wig and a dissected frog made from lego could really fall into the same category.  A Wicker Coffin in the shape of a lion, a dress made from needles and all the letters of the alphabet carved into 26 tiny pencil leads also provoke a number of “oohs” and “aahs”. It is sad to say that traditional methods of hand- craft are dying, but it’s great to see what human aesthetic we have left before this society of the mass produced, manufactured tat consumes us altogether.