Sacred Journeys - National Geographic

National Geographic doesn't half have some corkers. This special edition about Sacred Journeys makes especially good reading about the pilgrimages people make to sacred places in order to search for miracles. Despite the lack of physical existence these "miracles" take, they shape people lives and beliefs. Those  travelling great distances to touch a holy rock or brass plate. They are rituals of identity, in every era of human history; people have sought peace and purification, or to exert their spiritual belief. There are shrines all over the world, these legitimate pilgrimage sites are not only for ritualistic purposes, but for the affirmation of identity. People are returning to their cultural and spititual values, even Elvis Fans or Football lovers.

PARK '11 Publication

Today, the exhibitors in PARK '11, (plus Interns and Juliet Haysom, Curator) worked out a neat little production line in order to prepare 950 leaflets ready for the PARK'11 Private View on Friday (6-8pm if you're interested). We spent a good 4 hours folding them so fingers crossed they'll do the job. A white line runs through the centre of each page, with each artist stemming from it in the order in which the audience will encounter them on a visit the exhibition. The leaflet then folds out into the official PARK '11 poster which looks absolutely amazing and is put together beautifully. It will look great on your bedroom wall.

Poster Detail


The State We're In

The State We're In
Zabludowicz Collection

Sunday 8th May

Nicolas Deshayes Public Work (1) 2009

Sean Edwards, 80 glass lenses in 80 red and white striped vest carrier bags (2008)

Matthew Darbyshire, Standardised Production Clothing Version (4) (2009)

Samantha Donelly Sketch 11 (2009)

Gary Webb Heart & Soul (2000)

Nicole Wermers, Rockdispenser (2010)