The Clock

The Clock
Christian Marclay
The Purcell Room
5th March 2011

From Christian Marclay's The Clock

As part of the British Art Show 7, In the days of the Comet, The Southbank Centre held a special free screening of Christian Marclay’s “The Clock”; a special opportunity to see the 24 hour long film in a single screening which I had the chance to indulge in (for around 6 hours approximately in the middle of the night!). The Clock comprises of a montage of clips from several thousand films and is accurate to the second, functioning as an actual timepiece, synchronised with local time.

Made up of scenes featuring clocks and watches, or situations indicating the time of day, Marclay has created a patchwork history of film. As the scene changes, so does the narrative, one swiftly overtaking the other with the help of appropriate soundtracks, a smooth transition from one moment to the next. I could watch it all day.