Martin Creed

Martin Creed
Hauser and Wirth

I am a fan of Martin Creed, and although a lot of people snub his 2001 Turner Prize winning piece Work No. 227: The Lights Going On And Off , I personally enjoy the concept and the amount of controversy one simple idea can trigger. 
Unfortunately, the visit to Hauser and Wirth Gallery on Savile Row did not live up to my expectations. Personally, his paintings did not stir up any emotion or even a vague interest, I prefer his more sculptural work, they create a presence within the space.
The gallery is split into two different buildings, with Creed's more prominent piece situated solely in one space. When I say I prefer Creed's work with more of a presence, his main piece of work should not of fallen short of expectations. "MOTHERS" is a gigantic, rotating sign spelt out in huge neon lettering, spinning round faster and faster then slowing down once more in an uncontrollable cycle. The audience is invited to walk underneath, yet whether or not they do is a different matter, depending of the confidence of oneself.
 Unfortunately for me, Mothers was in need of repair and i could only observe this stationary neon monster with my nose pressed up against the window unable to appreciate it in full swing.