Transformation - Wonder Woman


Dara Birnbaum re-introduces to us the technological miracle of Wonder Woman's transformation, (the miracle that was the wonder of 1970’s technology) the psychological and physical transformation of the television product.

Birnbaum considers this tape an "altered state [that] renders the viewer capable of re-examining those looks which, on the surface, seem so banal that even the supernatural transformation of a secretary into a 'Wonder Woman' is reduced to a burst of blinding light and a turn of the body—a child's play of rhythmical devices inserted within the morose beligerence of the fodder that is our average television diet."

This is a visually riveting video, Birnbaum isolates and repeats the moment in which Diana Prince completes the metamorphosis into the one and only Wonder Woman. Encapsulating the magic of the moment again and again, Birnbaum allows the viewer to become absorbed in this fantastical alter-reality; she immobilizes existing imagery for innovative uses. I particularly like the way she deconstructs mass culture ideology in order to evolve an appreciation of consumer imagery in its own right.