Jon Kessler

'The Palace at 4am', 2005

This site specific installation made by Jon Kessler references the issues relevant to contemporary society: politics, war, advertising, propaganda, and surveillance. Although sources of inspiration, such as reality television, are varied in The Palace at 4am, Kessler’s work thrusts the viewer into a complex visual experience, speaking of the history of image production.
The Palace at 4am comprises of a network of kinetic sculptures, incorporating surveillance cameras within the installation and the peripherals of the gallery; creating video imagery in real time as the cameras work in tandem with the constant movement of the sculptures.
The intention of Kessler’s work is for the viewer to experience the piece as if they were to be completely immersed into a television set, in the “process of being channel surfed”. According to Kessler, "My aim is to create a kind of visual journalism of the past four years, where underneath this abundance of stimuli, what takes place is an investigation into how the images that occupy our realities and dreams are constructed and manipulated."