Cindy Sherman at Sprüth Magers Gallery, London

Sprüth Magers Gallery, London
January 12th - February 19th 2011

Walking towards Sprüth Magers Gallery, you are faced with the giant mural of a woman in period dress and some sort of new wave warrior, visible from the bottom of the street. Cindy Sherman has assembled a cast of individual characters set against a backdrop of the French toile-like imagery for this exhibition. These photographic murals break away from Sherman's previous format of the framed image. She uses herself as the canvas, adopting outrageous identities acting as the model and the photographer, manipulating each image to make subtle differences to her appearance: bulging eyes, and more pointed nose, rendering her almost unrecognisable. She explores the concepts of voyeurism and ego, taking photographs of herself in these character motifs which dominate the walls of the gallery.