S Mark Gubb

Slogans frequently occur in S Mark Gubb's work, invoking often ironically, the clichés of religious and inspirational texts or making barbed references to political  posturing.

Tom Sachs

Chanel Chainsaw, 1996

Hermés Value Meal, 1997

Prada Toilet, 1997

A Methodology frequently deployed by Tom Sachs is to re-create mass-produced objects by hand. The material mimicry asks us to reconsider both taken for granted design of an everyday item and the process of it's realisation. Here we see much-laboured over, toilets, burgers and brutal machinary.

Ron Arad

Shag, 2006
The Israeli artists and product designer's handknotted Tibetan wool rug embodies a direct message.

Not Vital

Cow Dung, 1990
The Swiss artists Not Vital was attracted to the idea of turning manure (valued in Nepal, worthless in Switzlerand) into something valuable by casting it in Bronze (worthless in Nepal, valued in Switzerland).

Marcel Dzama


Polytropos of many Turns, 2009

Tom Friedman

Untitled, 1990

Untitled ( Back of Dollar), 2011
Coloured Pencil on Paper
Untitled (Back of Dollar), 2011

Straight from Friedman's montrous and cartoonish aesthetic come these dollar bill screenprints that cost somewhat more than their face value at $6,000 each.

Richard Bevan

The Third Dimension

Roadside Intervention


Mona Hatoum

Slicer, 1999

Untitled (Wheelchair), 1998

You can listen to John Tusa of BBC Radio 3 interviewing Mona Hatoum here.

Bruce Nauman

For Beginners (all the combinations of the thumbs and fingers) 2010

South American Triangle, 1981

Michael Craig Martin

On the Table, 1970

On the Shelf, 1970


The Art Guys

 The Art Guys
Bucket Feet, 1994
Performance Downtown Houston

Test Card F

Test Card F, 2011 from Rebecca Clark on Vimeo.

I've finally worked out Vimeo, now you can enjoy Test Card F in it's full glory.

Reaching Out

Nero - Reaching Out from Helin Film on Vimeo.

Nero - Reaching Out, directed by Johanna Andersson.
This music video had everything that you'd expect from the 80's on speed. You've got the aviators, thong bikinis, casino action, speed boats and last but not least flamingos. It's completely Miami Vice and it's brilliant; the graphics, colours and text. The song doesn't really do it for me, but you can still appreciate the visual brilliance whilst muted.

Roman Ondak

Resistance, 2006

Loop, 2009

Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs, 1965

Test Shots for A C O L L A B OR A T I O N

Snout Progress

Experimenting with different objects for pieces of work.
Or as Ollie puts it...vajazzling snouts.


The Sculpture Studio - Wimbledon College of Art

These are some beautiful photos taken by Geo Pavlov, a friend and fellow student. I'm not really sure if they were for his work, or just because he's a whizz kid when it comes to photography, nonetheless these photos are amazing and really capture the essence of the 3rd year studio.

Meret Oppenheim


Darren Almond

Darren Almond Tide (2008)

Tide (2008) Detail

Pipilotti Rist - Eyeball Massage

Eyeball Massage
Hayward Gallery

View From Loo - Toilet Cubicle Installation.

Pipilotti Rist not only experiments in video, she creates environments which influence the way her works are experienced. It is a total sensory experience, videos projected onto multiple walls, the colour bleeding into each other on semi-transparent curtains while we, the audience, lounge around on giant pillows on the floor, enveloped in this whole dream-like scenario. We become part of the work, moving around within it.

She discovers new ways of configuring the world, her work creating a physical presence, defining the relationship between the art and the audience. She entices you in – a tiny monitor facing up from the hole in the floor, screens embedded within shells and handbags. You are drawn into her world, her way of thinking – she employs banal objects as devices to enter her imagination, full of visual wonders.