Siôn Parkinson

I can't wait to see Siôn Parkinson at the ICA when I finally get round to going to see the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010 show which I sadly failed to see at Liverpool Biennial, she uses banal objects so playfully. 

Harry Woud, Van Der

You Make My Eyes Water

Teresa A Mills was an accidental find, but nevertheless an enjoyable one. Her work has a slightly surreal vibe to it, if not a comical one; I think I enjoy this moreso due to its subtlety, a slight alteration on a domesticated object we are so familiar with.


Keyboard Cemetary

Paul Chan 'Keyboard Cemetery'
This is a direct reference to Alternumerics (apparently) which "explores the relationship between language  and interactivity by transforming the simple computer font into an art form that explores the fissure between what we write and what we mean."
So basically, Alternumerics transforms any computer connected to a regular printer into an interactive artmaking installation.

Clever, huh?

Alex Pearl

Untitled (song) from Alex Pearl on Vimeo.

Estelle Woolley

Painted Talons

Ruth Geldard adds a touch of feminine sensibility to the handling of her subjects, while exploring the materiality of the object itself.