Comma 18 - Charlotte Moth - Bloomberg Space

Comma 18
Charlotte Moth

Bloomberg Space

Moth develops two separate works, yet they occur in sculptural dialogue with each other. I experienced Moth's work only as a slide show of photographs, ignoring the organic, fluid curtain enveloping her space. To begin with, it appeared as a tool to block out light in order to enhance the projected sequences of images. Now, it establishes a threshold into an environment for the viewer to identify with the photographed event, acting as a vertical structure predominantly consuming the space around her work as a direct message to the viewer that she presides as a single unit, away from the other work consuming the Bloomberg gallery space.
This particular event Moth has chosen from her ongoing Travelogue series consists of hundreds of balloons in an empty church hall, manipulated by a net suspended high in the air, which initially confines the balloons to the space, before eventually being released, creating various spatial configurations as they succumb to gravity.


Moth uses the edifice and the site of display to mirror the event through the viewer’s experience of seeing this slide show. The theatrical nature of the photographed space, empty of human presence, echoes the architecture of the Bloomberg Spaces’ towering atrium, which looks down onto a seemingly different world which we can observe, but simultaneously not be involved with: You, yourself, are confined to a space as the balloons were, trapped, fugitive to a material cage. They are visible images which seemingly form a pattern, yet no immediate logic can be found and one becomes fixated on the modulating photographs; absorbed in a state of flux as the event follows no apparent chronological order. They are traces of the already existing, acting as a double, yet separate from their original. They allow photography as a genre to develop as a disconnected medium from Moth’s usual sculptural interventions concerning interior and exterior spaces.